Size Options:

Tiny Painting (4in. x 6in. or Smaller) = $20-$50

Small Painting (8in. x 10in. or Smaller) = $40-$100

Good Size Painting (9in. x 10in. to 16in x 20in.) = $75-$250

Big Painting (18in. x  20in. to 24in. x 36in.) = $200-$500

REALLY BIG PAINTING (Larger than 24in. x 36in. canvas, space, wall or other surface) = Starts at $450

Commissions (What to Expect)

Working together to create a vision and a work of art can be complicated and confusing. I have created this Price Sheet page and information on what to expect if you are interested in commissioning me for a painting to help avoid any issues and help you to better decide what fits your budget while providing you with the masterpiece you desire! If you have further questions or would like to proceed in commissioning a custom piece of art from me, feel free to Contact Me or Start Shopping! 

Things to consider that may increase listed prices…

- Framed or Unframed? Most of my paintings are unframed, with finished or painted sides, a few of my paintings even wrap onto the side of the image to produce a more 3D effect, so framing paintings are not always recommended but if you prefer the finished painting to be framed, please specify when contacting me about your commission! I’ll be happy to help price it out with you.

- Texture-heavy or not?  If the style or type of painting you would like to commission me for requires a texture heavy canvas, or background, or you simply prefer a more tactile experience with the finished art, this adds to the time and material cost involved which increases the overall prices a bit. And yes! I’m all for touching the art! So long as it’s dry and the artist says it’s ok. I finish all my paintings with a Preserving Finish or a Gloss Varnish to ensure that the art stays vibrant and beautiful, so you can feel confident that an occasional stroke or poke won't destroy your wonderful art! If you plan to touch your art A LOT, let me know so I can finish it accordingly for you!.

- Photo references can be really tricky, but I am always eager to recreate images for folks who want to see them come to fruition as a painting! I prefer, if possible, to use my own images for copyright and usage reasons, but if this is not possible or you already have an image picked out that you would like me to paint for you, please read the following requirements:

  • The image must be your own image, or you must have written consent from the photographer/owner of the image for me to recreate it as a painting before I can get started on the commission (sticky note or email, whatever works and I can help you if needed!)
  • The image needs to be a high quality digital and/or printed image. Black and white photos are fine, but please specify if you have color requirements or expectations about styling if used. 


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